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Mechanical Design Engineer

Creates, tests, and refines designs for mechanical systems or components. Experienced with using computer-aided design (CAD) software to develop 3D models, perform simulations and analyses, and refine designs based on these results. Work closely with manufacturing teams to ensure designs are feasible and cost-effective to produce. Additionally, often participate in product testing and validation processes to ensure the final product meets the required specifications and standards. Plays a crucial role in the development of everything from small parts and devices to large machines and systems.

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Reservoir Engineeer

Applies scientific principles to the fluid flow through porous medium during the development and production of oil reservoirs. The work involves estimating reserves and forecasting for future production; designing and implementing field recovery techniques; and optimising oil and gas production levels, and enhanced oil recovery techniques. Work closely with geoscientists, other engineers, and commercial teams to evaluate and economically develop oil and gas fields from the company’s assets. Plays a crucial role in identifying and pursuing opportunities to enhance production and profitability.

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Design Engineer (Subsea)

Responsible for designing and developing subsea systems and equipment used in offshore drilling and production. Proficient in using advanced CAD software to create detailed 3D models and perform simulations to test the functionality and reliability of their designs. Work closely with other engineering teams to integrate these subsea systems into larger project plans. Additionally, often oversee the manufacturing and installation processes to ensure their designs are correctly implemented. This role is crucial in enabling safe and efficient offshore oil and gas extraction.

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Security Architecture

A key professional responsible for designing, building, and overseeing the implementation of network and endpoint security. Able to develop complex security systems and to demonstrate strategic planning to align cybersecurity measures with the organisation objectives to defend against cyber threats. Also responsible for identifying potential risks and vulnerabilities, and implementing strategies to mitigate them. Work closely with other departments to ensure compliance with industry standards and regulations. Their role is crucial in protecting the company’s data and maintaining the integrity of its infrastructure.

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